Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the course

    • Introduction course video by James Kaikis

    • Introduction Course Document

  • 2

    Technical Enablement Series

    • APIs- How they work and how it applies to SE's on a day to day basis

    • APIs Quiz

    • API Survey

    • App Modernization- Latest trends in application architecture & how it applies to SE's

    • App Modernization Quiz

    • App Modernization Survey

    • Basics of Security- How it applies to the SE world

    • Security Quiz

    • Security Survey

    • Basics of Networks and how it applies to SE's

    • Networking Quiz

    • Networks Survey

    • Cloud Computing basics and how it applies to Sales Engineers

    • Cloud Computing basics- part 2

    • Cloud Computing Quiz

    • Cloud Computing Survey

    • Overall Course Survey